Stephen Covert
Oklahoma Certified Public Accountant
Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Law

I lost my youngest son to cancer. I have seen the effect of not having Health Insurance is on an individual and a family. I attended many Affordable Care Act (ACA) events and I was not given the information to understand the law.

So, I ended up studying the new law for my own purposes and learned how simple the new law is to understand. Then I took and passed the insurance test to become an independence insurance agent. We have the same price as the federal government because we are paid by insurance companies. The major difference is that you will not received 60 phone calls.

The good old days were not so good. One drug cost me $10,000 a month who incidentally Dr. Hossein Azartash-Namin of Midwest City team had set up the protocols. The insurance company rejected the drug. I negotiated with an insurance company almost every day for a year. Time I could have spent with my son.

Some politicians are hurting the people for political reasons and claiming their values. I personally could not sleep or go to church with my job being more important than the people in our society.

NO ONE GETS FREE MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE!!! However, a million dollar hospital bill could impact the rest of your life. Also, when a father losses a son, this is the most significant event in a fathers life. I am not afraid.

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